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Los Sabores de Mexico is committed to produce the finest and most authentic flavours of traditional and modern Mexican cuisine. We have been in business since 1997, teaching the tasty art of preparing Mexican food. For us quality is very important, and in our cooking classes we focus on healthy eating, and easy to prepare recipes, without sacrificing flavour, using the best ingredients available in Calgary.

Do you want to learn how to cook delicious Mexican dishes? Whether from a soup or a smoky salsa, the sizzling sound and the aromas of food cooking on the stove will trigger smiles of anticipation from your family or dinner guests. Most of the secrets are in the preparation and in the use of different peppers, either fresh or dried. We can teach you how to achieve truly Mexican flavour.

Norma French
Norma French
photo by John Ulan

Are you interested in throwing a Mexican party theme for your friends and family, but you do not have time? Contact us. We can help you.

We have a vast collection of menus that allow you to choose among a variety of traditional and modern dishes from various regions of Mexico.



Personal Chef for Hollywood Director of "The Revenant" Movie
During the last weekend of March 2015 I received a phone call from somebody requesting a personal chef for a Mexican filmmaker working in Calgary who she said “he is missing the truly flavors of home cooking and the flavors of fresh authentic Mexican cuisine … and he is desperate!” Next day, after a short conversation with his personal assistant I agreed to cook for him breakfast, lunch and dinners, for the rest of March, and then April and part of May. So I started to prepare his food in the same way that I do at home in Calgary, and in the ways that my mother used to cook for our family when I was living in Mexico. Fortunately, he was very pleased with the food and I am very happy that I made his time here in Calgary more enjoyable.

Testimonial letter from Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu.

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